Useful Information

Designs for Embroidery

Designs to be converted into an embroidery file can be provide in any format from a hand drawing to a vector file.

Designs for Di Sub garments/gifts

Photographs or images to be printed on to garments or gift items need to be of high quality of a minimum of 300dpi.

We can use any image but the quality re production will only be as good as the original and may de grade if the image needs to be enlarged.

If you would like us to have a look at the image you can send it to us via our quote page or pop into the store and we will be able to advise you further.

Designs for Colour Cut Printing

If you have a design in a vector program, we request that it is converted to curves and font files are attached. Files must be saved as EPS.

If you are working with non-vector based software a high quality PDF will be sufficient.


We are unable to re produce any logo/image which carries the copyright logo.